Neox iQ Invest-tech. We have taken the next step and launched Neox iQ.

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The Neox iQ platform undertakes Neox Capital’s research and development of new investment strategies as well as finding casual structures in data relationships.

Neox iQ solves the technical problems that arise in the company’s daily production process.

Our wealth management system, NIMS 2.0, has now been integrated into Neox iQ to form a common platform for Research & Development (R&D) and thus provide the conditions for an even better risk-adjusted return for you as a Customer or Partner.

Currently, a total of 5000 companies in Europe and USA are monitored daily through the system.
In Neox iQ, we analyze relationships and sensitivities between factors and parameters. The process generates algorithms that, in turn, value the attractiveness of each company. Based on that result, NIMS then value the analyzed companies, and generates buy and sell recommendations.


For us, sustainability is essential to drive long term value creation. We recognize that our decisions and activities have an impact on the environment and on the people and communities where our portfolio decisions make an impact.
We are committed to promote good business practices for our clients & partners because we believe it is the right thing to do. At Neox Capital we believe that companies which effectively manage environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks and opportunities well are better positioned to increase their long-term value. As a result, we have incorporated our ESG framework into our Investment Management System – NIMS 2.0.

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Your portfolio is supervised by Neox on your own account, with your bank or broker. This means that you have full transparency, every day.

When allocations are to be made to the portfolio, you and your account manager/executing venue will receive a buy and sales list (Trade Ticket) and clear trade instructions. We normally change about 6-8 out of 20 companies per year.

Our personal and close service means that we offer our portfolio management service to private individuals, companies and institutions.

For savers and investors with lesser investment needs, we offer other solutions.

Tailor made portfolios

For high-net-worth investors, companies and institutions who need a more tailored approach, we offer tailor made investment portfolios.

We act as your personal, independent and exclusive investment advisor.

Your portfolio is always handled on your own custody account with your own bank/broker. Our job is to provide you with investment and allocation information.

Customized Portfolio

Powered by technology – Neox iQ Neox Capital Invest-tech process. Offering the highest level of service from Neox Capital, Customised

Thematic Portfolio

Thematic investing provides investors with opportunities to invest in big ideas and themes that might span specific goals, sectors, or

ESG Portfolio

Neox Capital offer ESG Portfolio Advice that allows you to align your investments more closely with your own values. Sustainable

Model Portfolio

Neox Capital has built a menu of model portfolios to help you meet your investment objectives. Our
model portfolios are designed to help you seek better returns throughout a spectrum of different
geographical strategies.

Model portfolios are comprehensive, ready-to-implement investment solutions that can deliver.


Certificates can be set up on a customized basis. For example, a market hedged strategy where Neox stock picking alpha is isolated via a portfolio of stocks combined with a short index future 1:1, or automatically FX hedged portfolio, etc. This can be done from 1-2m EUR depending on the strategy.

A certificate can be tailor made with a bank or on SPV as issuer. The certificate will have its own ISIN code and can be listed on exchange in Europe if needed.


SIFs (Special Investment Fund) are regulated and tax efficient multipurpose Alternative Investment Fund vehicles dedicated to all types of investments.

A SIF is formed either in contractual form and consequently as an Investment Fund represented by a Managing Company (fonds commun de placement, FCP), or in the form of a company, namely as an Investment Company whose capital is variable (SICAV) or fixed (SICAR).