Pioneering Investment Management

Neox Capital combines ground-breaking mathematical and statistical analysis to increase the accuracy of investment decisions. This strategy has resulted in superior risk-adjusted returns for our customers during the last 5 years.

We have moved the entire analysis department to computers and removed emotional decisions using new mathematical methods. Vi do not rely on feelings, anxiety or optimism in the equity selections – no opinions just data. Our computers analyse based on quality, price and movement.

Our investment strategy is long-term, and although we analyse every day, we trade and change shares surprisingly rarely.

Standard or tailored portfolios are adviced on your own custody account at your own bank or broker, that means complete transparency.

There are several ways an investor can benefit from our expertise and systematic process. We offer both standardized and tailor made products and services in Europe and US equities.

Our Products and Services


Discretionary management

will be offered during first half of 2020.


Mutual funds

We will offer mutual funds in the future.


Investment Advice

Fully tailored equity investment strategy based on our unique model to fit into an existing portfolio or investment process.


Exchange Traded Certificates

We offer tailor made and standard certificates. Certificates have their own lSlN code and are listed on exchange in Europe if needed.


Here we use the whole, or parts of, our investment process to suit the client’s specific needs and wishes. The investor will choose what markets to invest in, if some sectors or counties should be avoided, how we shall handle FX risk, etc. This can be decided by the investor alone or we can help assess how different choices affect the investors existing portfolio.


  • Service is offered to high net worth individuals and institutional investors
  • Client portfolios are kept at client’s custody bank
  • No need for changing bank or transfer assets
  • Totally transparent
  • The computerized analysis via our unique process NIMS is made daily
  • Any changes and reallocations will be emailed to the Client and the Clients‘ trading venue


Finding companies with better movement relative to peers.


Identifying undervalued companies


Finding high quality companies that qualify for inclusion in the portfolio

Certificates can be set up on a customized basis. For example, a market hedged strategy where Neox stock picking alpha is isolated via a portfolio of stocks combined with a short index future 1:1, or automatically FX hedged portfolio, etc. This can be done from 1-2m EUR depending on the strategy.

A certificate can be tailor made with a bank or on SPV as issuer. The certificate will have its own ISIN code and can be listed on exchange in Europe if needed.


  • Single Entry Point
  • Less Administration
  • Cost Efficient
  • Flexible and Customisable

Discretionary Investment Management will be available in the first half of 2020