Neox analysis rank companies

We analyse 3.200 major listed companies in Europe and the US daily. Based on quality, value and movement, we creates a ranking list of 40 – 80 companies with value-for-money. The selections are aligned with the customer’s preferences and the customer’s portfolio is allocated.

Neox three-step analysis

In our investment management process, we think a lot like the icon Warren Buffett, however, we work with computers. That allows us to analyze broader and deeper. Every day, 282 parameters for over a thousand companies are analysed. For each company, each parameter is judged in a unique way. In total, we analyze millions of data points daily.

Our first step is to search for quality. To qualify, companies must show sustained strong results. They shall have a vast majority of profitable years and belong to the leading companies in their respective industries.

The second step in the analysis is to review price i.e. valuation. We calculate a reasonable long term value for each unique company. If the value is favorable, then company can move to the next step into the final review where we establish the movement (momentum) index for each company.

The third step in our analysis is to find the movement factor for companies that have qualified in the previous analysis steps. These companies are analysed for momentum. A company can of course be promising and interesting, but without momentum they can continue to be undervalued for long periods of time.

Price and movement are included in the set of investable companies. We repeat the analysis of all companies in our coverage daily. In addition, every quarter we carry out a recalculation of the relationships in our models for each company to adapt our model to a changing reality.