Investment Management

Do you want to manage your investments better than the stock market? Our Adviced strategies have outperformed the their benchmarks during the last 5 years.

The reason for our strong performance is the we do not rely on emotion, anxiety or optimism in the equity selections. We let computers analyse extensive amounts of fundamental and price data every day. We have no analysts who make subjective decisions – just computers. We work with data-driven management

It turns out that computers are particularly good at cleaning up immaterial information and good at finding just that data that is crucial for each company.

Then we let the computers analyze based on quality, price and movement. That information is transformed into a ranking list of all shares, from where we build each customer’s own portfolio.

And even if we – our computers – recalculate every analysis every day, we trade and change shares surprisingly rarely. The quality we find, turns out to last in the long run.

On average, we own companies for 5-6 years and sometimes longer. That is an important difference to many other investment managers. We show that stable portfolios can provide stable better than the stock market.

Yes, we think a lot like icon Warren Buffett. But we work with computers to be able to analyze broader, deeper and more consistent. Today there are so many more companies and competitors. We analyze 282 parameters for over a thousand companies daily. That adds up to 6 million data points every day.

We work with three main portfolios; Europe, the Nordic countries and the US/Europe. Based on those base portfolios, you can build your own portfolio. With your share of real estate, energy or whatever you want to prioritize in or out.

Your keep your Neox managed portfolio directly in your own custody account, with your bank or broker. You will have full transparency, every second, every day

Our personalized portfolios and services are offered to high net, ultra-high net individuals, family offices and institutions. For other savers, we offer other solutions.

Don’t let any manager do the job. Instead, let the facts decide.

What makes us better than others? The result!

Neox – numbers talk