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1205, 2021

Inflation Rebound

Inflation Rebound Last time inflation was as high on the agenda as it is today was probably in the early days of the QE experiment. Back then, quite a few

2405, 2020

Neox Capital started Buffett-inspired fund for retail, professional and institutional markets.

Neox Capital starts new Buffett-inspired fund for retail, professional and institutional markets. Link Dagens Industri: Link Neox Fund page (Swedish): Neox offers data-driven equity management to wealthy customers.

1303, 2020

Speculation is mostly short term

During short periods of stress, the stock market focuses mostly on speculation. It also puts pressure on long-term owners. Then it is reassuring that Neox portfolios with quality companies often

1101, 2020

The 2019 stock market year

The 2019 stock market year offered two broader gains in the Nordic region and Europe, which the portfolios there managed well. In the US, this year's stock market has been

1101, 2020

Neox portfolio US/EU increased

Neox portfolio US/EU increased by 24% last year, or 3% units less than the corresponding stock exchange for the full year. That represents 0.2% units in under-yieldper month. The portfolio

1212, 2019


Exchange Traded Certificates We offer tailor made and standard certificates. Certificates have their own lSlN code and are listed on exchange in Europe if needed.