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Investment philosophy

Really good funds should provide better and stable growth than the stock market for many years to come. With this ambition, we are now starting a European Fund, which is leaning towards 9 years of development and work on our Investment Management System (NIMS).

Good funds should provide strong growth in good times but also withstand the concerns of weak stock markets. We have seen Neox adviced portfolios do that during the last 5 years. During surging markets, those portfolios have grown in value faster than its benchmark. In times of falling markets, our adviced portfolios have still performed better than most others. The Fund is now following exactly the same method of analysis.

Our European Fund fell at most by 30% against the market’s 36% during the Corona fall. A large part of the fall has been recovered. At the same time, we should point out that our European Fund is an equity fund. The fund grows with the economy and fall in temporary stock market declines. However, our history shows that our adviced portfolios have been falling less than its benchmark.

Our DNA is innovation and we are constantly exploring new solutions, new technologies, new ways to understand how markets work and use them when they make sense. Neox Capital has developed a dynamic strategy to increase return on investment and value better than subjective investment strategies affected by market disinformation. Neox Capital is really different – We deliver investment services that set us apart from the rest of the market.

The fund’s investment process is a model-based systematic approach. The core of the process is a filtering technique that we have developed to reduce uncertainty (noise) in the underlying data. Before macro and company data are analyzed, noise and disinformation are reduced to reveal the actual underlying trend. By reducing the noise in the time series, we can better understand the relationship between the companies we analyze and the factors that affect those companies.

How we manage funds

The individual companies we invest in are being selected from a universe of 800 European companies. The investment strategy is based on quality factors, valuation and movement, and additional components. The currency exposure of the companies included in the fund is kept open, i.e. no hedging or half-hedging of the potential foreign exchange exposure is made. In order to have a well-diversified portfolio, without diluting the inherent alpha of the investment process, the portfolio normally consists of 25-30 shares. The Fund is a fund established in Luxembourg.

Fund facts

Strategy: European equity



Currency: Euro

Start date: January 2020


ISIN Class A EUR Retail : LU1972727835

ISIN Class B SEK Retail: LU1972727918

ISIN Class I (Institutional): LU1972728213

Custody Bank: Royal Bank of Canada

Auditor: Ernst & Young

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Data-driven fund

We’ve moved the analysts into computers. In this way, we can collect and analyze more and broader data than most others. Add to that the fact that we are particularly good at reducing the impact of irrelevant facts. With computers, we also avoid human opinions, subjective believs and mistakes.

This prevents us from reacting to rumors and short news. Our computers are just analyzing the facts which provide a solid model for analyzing companies in several stages. We have drawn knowledge of company analysis from recognized investors such as Buffet, Graham and psychologists such as Kahneman, mathematicians such as Mandelbrot and Hurst and many more. The experience of analyzing data comes from Neox’s many years of development work.

Our data-driven fund is looking for large European quality companies that we can own for many years. We keep the companies even when they become a bit expensive, because our choice of companies is expected to outperform the stock market in the long term. Our objective is to keep the same company for 5-7 years and longer, which is very rare in the fund world. This allows the fund to withstand stock market corrections better and also devlop in good times. The fund contains 25 to 30 large European companies. The investors of the fund can thus gain the strength of many different companies and is not in the hands of individual companies. We choose large quality companies with a long history

Do computers do everything right? Most of the time the computer model is surprisingly correct. At the same time, we can always get better. Since each step is carefully documented, we can continue to work and make our models a little better over time.

Our fixed fund fee is 0.8% for retail funds. This is lower than the average among European funds. If we compare it to actively managed funds our fixed fee is on the lower side. Therefore, in addition to the fixed fee, we also have a share of the fund’s success – better than the stock market; 15% of market growth with a so-called High Watermark.ter over time.

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Attn: Register Department / BILF Register Team
L-4060 Esch-Sur-Alzette

The funds accounts

EUR LU63341202005t021800
SEK LUt644120200St32J400


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