Investment philosophy of the fund

The fund’s investment philosophy is based on the Neox investment philosophy. The core of this philosophy is that by using a pre-defined structured and disciplined approach, it is possible to find companies that are a more interesting investment than the average company. In reality this is achieved by applying a selection process that identifies companies with high quality and strong movement at a reasonable valuation.

How we manage funds

The single companies that we invest in are screened from a universe of 800 European companies. The investment strategy is based on fundamental data, on movement, value and quality factors and additional sub-factors. The currency exposure for the companies that are included in the fund is kept open i.e. no hedging or semi-hedging of the potential FX exposure is done. In order to have a well-diversified portfolio, without diluting the inherent alpha of the investment process, the portfolio is normally made up of 25-30 stocks. The fund is a UCITS fund domiciled in Luxembourg.

How to subscribe

Register Department / BILF Register Team

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Fund Facts

Strategy: European Equities

Structure: SICAV

Regulations: UCITS

Currency: Euro

Launch Date: January 2020

Liquidity: Daily

ISIN A (Retail): LU1972727835

ISIN I (Institutional): LU1972728213

ISIN X (Early Bird): LU1972728304

Custodian: Royal Bank of Canada

Auditor: Ernst & Young


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The Funds Accounts

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