Neox Capital will offer mutual funds in the future.

Discretionary Management

Discretionary management will be offered during 2020.


Exchange Traded Certificates We offer tailor made and standard certificates. Certificates have their own lSlN code and are listed

Neox Capital started Buffett-inspired fund for retail, professional and institutional markets.

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Neox Capital starts new Buffett-inspired fund for retail, professional and institutional markets. Link Dagens Industri: Link Neox Fund page (Swedish): Neox offers data-driven equity management to wealthy customers. Now we are also starting

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Stably better than the stock exchange

Our portfolios have outperformed the stock market 66 out of 100 days. Or 3 out of 4 quarters. Every year, since the beginning, we have provided better returns than the stock exchange. It shows our nine years of management.

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Neox analysis rank companies

Neox daily analyses 3.200 large listed companies in Europe and the US. Based on quality, price and movement, Neox creates a ranking list of 40 – 80 companies with value-for-money. The selections are aligned with the customer’s preferences and the customer’s portfolio is allocated.

3.200 companies

A dynamic model

Stable better than the stock exchange, can sound strong. How can we be so accurate and confident in such high expectations? The figures show it.

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Neox Capital is combining pioneering fundamental and statistical analysis to increase the accuracy in investment decisions.

We have moved the whole research department into computers, removing emotional decisions, by using novel mathematical methods.

This approach has resulted in superior risk adjusted return for our clients.

There are several ways an investor can benefit from our expertise and systematic process. We offer both standardized and tailor made products and services in Europe and US equities.
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