Neox Capital will offer mutual funds in the future.

Discretionary Management

Discretionary management will be offered during 2020.


Exchange Traded Certificates We offer tailor made and standard certificates. Certificates have their own lSlN code and are listed

We generate data-driven investments based on science and research, enabling our clients to source excellent risk-adjusted investment return

Our Fund

Last available NAV date

Retail Class A NAV EUR

Retail Class B NAV SEK

Retail Class X NAV EUR

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Our commitment to you

We are a privately held firm dedicated to clients who have entrusted us with their wealth.

We act solely and transparently in the best interest of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our discretion and confidentiality.

We have a Data-driven production strategy, based on science and research.

We never move any cash, all investments are made in customers own bank accounts.

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1305, 2022

Inflation Rebound – Follow up

Inflation Rebound - Follow up Inflation data reaching 40-year highs has been front and center in the financial markets during the spring, making headlines almost daily. Being a crucial component

1204, 2022

Fund quarterly review

Bond market jitters and stock buy-backs As we now see the bond markets reacting to elevated headline and core inflation, firms are getting ready for record share buy-backs...    

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Neox iQ – Our New Dynamic Model

The Neox iQ platform undertakes Neox Capital’s new research and development, consistency evaluation, research and development of new investment strategies as well as finding casual structures in data relationships

Neox iQ solves the technical problems that arise in the company’s daily production process.

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